Although a lot of what we do as self-defense instructors involves firearms, at our core we’re about self defense in general. Most people treat self defense and concealed-carry separately in their training approach.

We realized they needed to be integrated, so we set about making that happen. It turns out someone was already doing it: Integrative Defense Strategies. We became and affiliate, and brought the IDS approach and methodology to the Black Hills.

In all our endeavors our goal is to serve our families and community by providing education, training, inspiration, and lots of practice.




Our Self-Defense Coaches

Kyle McCabe
Kyle McCabeHead Coach / Owner
Kyle McCabe is a certified IDS APEX Level 7 Affiliate Instructor, a LIM Hawaii Kenpo black belt, and also holds Instructor certifications with the USCCA and the NRA. With an APEX Force-on-Force certification, Kyle is able to pursue his passion for building safer communities by bringing cutting-edge, dynamic and integrative training to as many people as possible. He continues to pursue education and training from a variety of sources daily.
Kent Jacobs
Kent JacobsAssistant Coach
Kent is a Citizen Defender at heart, always naturally looking out for others. Having spent his entire life around firearms, teaching people self-defense with a firearm is a natural fit. He currently holds an IDS APEX Level 2 Instructor Certification, and continues to train hard at The Forge.
Coree McCabe
Coree McCabeAssistant Coach / Owner
Coree believes everyone has a natural right to dignity and self defense. From coaching at The Forge and teaching martial arts, to her work in the medical field and animal rescue, she’s made it her mission to protect and help others, especially those who cannot help themselves. Coree trains and holds a black belt in LIM Hawaii Kenpo, is an IDS APEX Certified Instructor, and also trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Leonard Hansen
Leonard HansenAssistant Coach
As a Citizen Defender, Leonard has personal protection is in his blood. Training at The Forge, teaching others how to defend themselves, how to train, and inspiring them to put in the effort is an important part of his mission. He is an IDS APEX Certified Instructor at The Forge.