“Stronger Together” Done Right

I’m a member of American Contingency, founded by Mike Glover a few years ago. I run a local team here, and published an article for the national membership today. It’s a post on “family security,” which is the topic for March, but with a different perspective that I hope is timely and useful. Here’s an excerpt:

The Hard Times

The “hard times” we’re talking about probably include increased risk of man-made disasters, civil unrest and crime. Whatever the specific causes you might attribute to these, the results are predictable. We can all see what’s coming – just look at any city bigger than yours. Just today I saw a news report on a 17-year-old kid who offered two younger kids a ride in the freezing cold, and they murdered him. Does this not scream “hard times”?

My community is nowhere near that level, but this is our future. Progress is only a good thing if you’re on the right path, and the path we’re apparently on doesn’t look good for either families or security…

Insecure Humans

Yes I’m invoking all meanings of the phrase here. In any organization’s IT system it’s the insecure behavior of the humans in it that result in malware intrusions. They click the wrong link or download the wrong file – almost assuredly against company policy – and despite the best efforts of IT security pros and software, the system gets corrupted.

Pardon my simplistic take on it, but with another meaning of the phrase it’s the psychological, emotional and spiritual insecurity of humans that result in the watering down of values, moral character and critical thinking skills. Consequently we give birth to ideas like toxic masculinity and have weak men flagging disaster preparedness organizations as domestic terrorist militias. As a people we clicked the wrong link; we downloaded the wrong file. We let the trojan into the system…

Strong Men & Women

Let’s face reality: there’s no security patch for Hard Times; there’s only Strong Men & Women, and that’s what we need to be. But it’s not enough for you and I to be strong…

If you want to read the whole thing you’ll need to be an AMCON member, which is a worthwhile commitment by itself. As part of your local team, you’ll be helping others be ready for any kind of disaster situation, with knowledge, experience, gear, and help. We do different kinds of training all year long to gain the knowledge and skill to make this a reality. If you believe you are your own first responder, this is the way.

You can sign up here, and look us up when you’re in.

Light the forge.