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You are called to be a protector…of yourself…your family…your community.

You are one of those rare people with the strength of character to sacrifice the unnecessary in the interest of BECOMING; that path all must take who are called to serve. You do this with humility, integrity, and purpose.

You can summon the discipline to stay committed to this path because you understand WHY, and so you have a drive fulfill your purpose that will defeat any excuse.


This unique approach is just for you. We bring simple, effective methods to those who are willing to PRACTICE to a level of competence that will give rise to confidence, and a new view of the world of violence, self-defense, firearms, and your place in all of this. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Firearms safety, handling, concealed-carry: the how, the why, and what it means for your life.
  • Awareness, mindset, pattern recognition, body language, and decision-making considerations for personal defense: the how and why!
  • Concepts, principles, techniques, drills and coaching based on real-world data, prioritized for YOUR choice of defensive tools, daily routine, and personal context, all with a modern approach.

What it is, what it isn’t

  • It must be custom fit to your life. Everyone lives a different life, and this training must reflect that.
  • It is NOT the “here’s a few self-defense moves, now you’re good to go” course. We know that approach simply doesn’t result in competent citizen defenders.
  • This is not for military or law enforcement, although they can benefit from it. It is primarily for normal, everyday American citizens.
  • This course does favor the use of firearms for personal protection, but their use is not required. The concepts and principles can translate to most defensive tools or empty hands.
  • That being said, this course will not qualify you to get a CCP in any jurisdiction.
  • This course borrows from different martial arts in order to present the simplest and most effective options under stress, in a way that is easily assimilated.
  • We are not dogmatic. We introduce concepts, data, options and possibilities for your consideration, and let you decide what works best for you.

Here’s how it will work

Our online program is still being developed, but we should be able to launch the beginnings of it soon. We’re going to start with face-to-face video chat where we interview each other and find out of this is a good fit in the first place. Then some level of orientation/expectations and move from there. After an orientation course, you’ll be directed to membership options that will include training videos, 1:1 video coaching, 1:1 live coaching, message boards, weapons-based personal defense, unarmed self-defense, scheduled evaluations, and more.

The cost will vary, from low-$$/mo to low-$$$/mo based on which options you sign up for. You’ll be able to add options and cancel any time.

Courses will include training videos, text explanations, projects, challenges, and message boards. As you work through courses, pending favorable evaluations, more will be “unlocked” for you.

All that being said, there’s still a lot we don’t know about how this will look, what will work and what won’t. In the end, it needs to be something YOU all find value in, so we’re counting on your patience, understanding, and suggestions.

What will I need?

  • Suggested gear (unarmed): Training knife, training rubber gun, light MMA gloves, mouthguard, groin pro
  • Suggested gear (weapons-based): Everything above, plus SIRT Pistol (or similar) and appropriate concealed-carry holster/belt

Get notified when this program launches!